Exploring Your Past-Lives

“The way our fingers intertwine feels so natural and right; as if our hands hold memories of meeting in a thousand other lifetimes.”
John Mark Green

Experiencing past lives connects your conscious mind with your soul’s vast memory of wisdom, lessons and possibilities. The idea of exploring past lives brings up all kinds of connotations from religious to fear of the unknown. Yet once you allow yourself to experience even one past life, it is like arriving some place familiar, accepting, free of judgment and full of information helpful to this lifetime.

I became interested in past lives as my I began to understand and embrace my psychic abilities. As I developed my intuitive skills I began communicating with past loved ones. I had so many questions about their experiences on the other side. Mostly they did not answer them so I decided to discover as much as I could for myself. I began reading books about past life experiences and was particularly enthralled with the notion that I could visit the place I go between lives.  In that space, one can find why s/he chose this lifetime, what purpose did it have, why this family, and so much more. While this form of hypnotherapy is not considered traditional therapy, it can be therapeutic. When working with a client, I do not treat, diagnose, cure or analyze information that arises during the session. Rather, I hold a safe place for one to find the information most needed in this life at this time.

One needn’t be in a challenging time to experience this tremendous linkage. It is okay to dabble, test, and to be just plain curious. That is what my workshop, Experiencing Past Lives, is designed to help you do. Whether you have done this before and want to try it again, you are new to the adventure, or are skeptical and want more information, this workshop is for you. As with anything in life, you will get the most from your experience when you enter with a sense of what’s possible. You needn’t believe anything, a maybe will do.

Come prepared to open your mind to the possibilities in a safe, relaxed and informal environment. Allow me to be your guide as you learn and explore past lives.

Mary Gleason will be presenting a Past-Lives workshop at Psychic Awakenings on Saturday, January 16. For more information, or to register, CLICK HERE.