For Empaths: Four Things You Should Know About Personal Space and Three Energy Tools to Protect Your Personal Space

When you are being empathetic, you are sharing personal space with someone, even when doing so is not your intention. Feeling someone else’s personal emotions makes it a very personal thing to do. When being empathetic is overwhelming, it means more than just sharing space. It means that your personal space has been invaded or violated. At the very least, we feel annoyed when someone has invaded our space. At the worst, we feel that we are being threatened or in danger. On the other side of the coin, sometimes you can feel other people’s feeling because it you have invaded their space.

There are at least four scenarios regarding sharing personal space. The most common way is that the other person is feeling something so intensely that it fills up their aura and personal space, and spills over. Their aura expands and overlaps with your aura. It’s this overlapped space that allows you to feel what they are feeling. This is how you can know what their emotions are even when they are trying to hide their feelings.

The second way of being empathetic is that your auras is naturally wide open. It is your space that is overlapping the other person’s space. If both of your auras are wide open then the overlapping area of your two spaces is quite great. This is called being in each other’s space. There are several reasons why you have your aura wide open. You might be naively open and trusting. You might be feeling unsafe and have to check out where other people are at before communicating with them. You might be way out of your body, and your aura expands to where-ever you are hanging out. I talked about open auras in a previous blog post. I provided some exercises for experimenting with opening and closing your aura so that you can be more aware of your personal space.

The third scenario is that the other person deliberately directs their energy straight at you. This often happens when they are especially angry at you. It can be quite painful to have someone dump on you this way. Sometimes it feels literally like a punch to the gut, or a bucket of cold water being thrown over your head. This empathy also happens at the other end of the spectrum when the other person is happy to see you, or loves you. They are directing their happiness and love energy to you. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual! When it’s not mutual, it can be rather awkward.

The fourth way of feeling empathetic is that you have sent tendrils of energy out into their space. There may be a few reasons why you have these tendrils reaching out. You are checking the energy around you to see if you feel safe. Maybe you are feeling jealous of them and so you are checking them out to see if they have something that you want. Maybe you don’t know what your own feelings are, so you’re checking out what other people are feeling and assuming that whatever they are feeling is what you are supposed to be feeling. This happens to those who grew up never receiving validation for their own feelings. They had no permission to feel or express their own emotions, so they never learned how to value their own feelings.

Energy Tools for Protect Your Personal Space
The first thing that I’m going to do is repeat what I’m always repeating: grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding! This is the most foundational psychic tools that makes everything real. Sit down in a flat-backed chair, with your eyes closed, and your feet flat on the floor. Deliberately send down a huge beam of your energy from your hips to the center of the earth. Plug it in or cement it in or magnetize it in. Focus downward, and let this downward focus pull you and all of your energy into your body. Feel the physicality of your body and be real.

The second energy tool for owning your personal space is to give it a well-defined boundary. While you are sitting and grounding, put your attention on your personal space around you. You can visualize it as a large see-through bubble around you. You can paint the outer edges of this bubble your favorite color. If you are having a particularly difficult day, you can feel as if your aura is encased in armor. Remember that your intentions are not just thoughts, they are powerful energies. Intend that you are healing your personal boundaries.

The third tool that you can use to protect your personal space is to fill up your personal space with your own energy. Sit in a flat-back chair, with your feet flat on the ground. Create, visualize or imagine a golden sun above your head. Bring it down around your body while expanding it and making it big enough to fit around your body and your personal space. This sun is generating your energy. Let it burn up any energy in your space that is not in affinity with you core essence. Then replenish your energy by absorbing the golden energy into every part of your body. Fill up like a bathtub with this energy. Let it overflow and fill up your aura. You are your own bright, shining star.

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  1. Katherine Jenkins on November 15, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Great post Madeline! A lot of useful tools!

  2. Roma on November 15, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Love this Madeline! I’m going to share this on my page. We all need these tools!

    • Madeline Hartman on November 15, 2017 at 10:06 pm

      Thanks to both Katherine and Roma for your kind words, and for sharing! Greatly appreciated!