Workshops and Healing Clinics

Madeline Hartman sitting on grass with Psychic Tools students

Come Explore Your Spiritual Abilities

Our Psychic Workshops and Spiritual Healing Clinics provide a safe, nurturing environment for opening up to your psychic abilities.

Come receive a spiritual Hello and see if what we offer is what you are seeking. There is always plenty of laughter as we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Psychic Development Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops regarding such topics as Past-Lives, Tarot Cards, Spirit Guides, Mercury Retrograde, Animal Communication, Mudras, Enhancing Your Prosperity, and Communicating with Your Angels. If there is a particular subject that you are interested in learning about, just let us know and we will develop a workshop for you!

  • Usually, our workshops are on Monday evenings.
    We occasionally offer them on Saturdays too.
  • Attendance fees vary from free to sliding scale.

Psychic Development

Healing Clinic

Spiritual Healing Clinic

Our Spiritual Healing Clinic is offered on the third Monday evening of every month. A Spiritual Healing is an energetic clearing of your aura and chakras. Come and receive a spiritual ‘Hello’ that is different than any hello you’ve ever received before! The healers use spiritual guides to help you release everyone else’s opinions, demands, and expectations out of your space, and then fill you up with your own energy. You don’t need to have anything “wrong” with you to receive a healing.

  • Our Spiritual Healing Clinics are on the Third Monday
    of every month, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
  • Attendance is free (donations accepted).

Women’s Spiritual
Healing Clinic

The Women’s Spiritual Healing Clinic is a safe space for us to meet like-minded women and rev up our female creative energy. The “healings” are accomplished by giving each participant a ten minute reading on any question they would like to ask. While waiting for your turn, you sit with the readers and have the opportunity to contribute to the reading. There is no pressure to talk, but you just might surprise yourself with the psychic insights that come to you!

  • Our Women’s Spiritual Healing Clinics are on the Second
    Monday of every month, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
  • Attendance is free (donations accepted).

Women’s Spiritual
Healing Clinic

Sunday Refresh: Psychic Guided Meditation

Sunday Refresh: Psychic
Guided Meditation

Come to Psychic Awakenings each Sunday morning for an hour of guided meditation, designed to connect and align ourselves to earth and spirit. We will focus our attention, clear, and restore our energy bodies for the coming week. Come play in the energy of connection and explore ways to see, sense, and feel your own truth. Come as you are, leave with a deeper connection to all that is, in love and light. Join us at Psychic Awakenings, a community of like-minded people on the path.

  • Our Psychic Guided Meditations are every Sunday, 10:30 - 11:30 am.
  • Attendance is free (donations accepted).

I learned how to use tarot cards in Madeline's Intuitive Tarot class. I had such a blast! I learned so much and enjoyed getting to try out different kinds of tarot decks. I never imagined I could pick up so much in one workshop!