I teach you how to use psychic tools. Psychic tools may at first just seem to be simple visualizations, but they work and they are powerful. By using these tools, most students start to notice new psychic insights right away.

Exactly! You are already born psychic. You have a human body, and everyone’s body is amazingly sensitive. This means that your body feels what other people are emoting. You can already physically feel when someone is angry with you. Your body may react by your blood pressure going up, or the urge to fight or to run away. So learning to be psychic is learning how to be more aware, not just of strong feelings like anger and joy, but the more subtle feelings like doubt, confusion, and skepticism. You then work on even more subtle abilities to become aware of people’s thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

The psychic tools help you to feel safe and grounded while you are opening up your abilities. On the other side of the issue, many people who are already too open and sensitive use the tools to learn how to close down a bit and feel more in control of their energy. Your friends might think you are crazy; but only until they have an issue to which you can provide answers. After that, they will always wonder if you are reading their minds.

Don’t get me started on telling you about these benefits! Using the psychic tools gives you so many advantages by being more in control of your energy, your thoughts, your ability to attract what you need. Psychic awareness helps you to discover what works for you. We don’t have any dogma. There is nothing you have to believe. Just learn and use the tools to find your own spiritual truths.

By having a reading, you will receive a Spiritual Hello, which is very different from a mundane hello. Spiritual communication reaches you on a level that is deep within you. It’s the part of you that is real and authentic. The part of you that is usually distracted by the problems and stresses of everyday life. The part of you that most people don’t see. This hello helps you to feel more alive and inspired.

I go into a light trance and use my clairvoyance and intuition to see the information that would help you the most through the various situations you are going through. I am not a fortune teller. Instead of predicting the future, I educate my clients to be more aware of how their thoughts and actions create their future. Instead of telling you what you do, I look at what energies may be influencing your decisions. You can then use this information to make better-informed decisions. My readings are usually in the form of an aura reading where I look at the symbols and colors in your energetic field. These symbols and colors represent your spiritual growth and show me how you are expressing your spiritual nature (or not) through your life experiences.

I might or might not give you specific names, places, and dates. My special gift is seeing your emotions, thoughts, and feelings and how they affect your way of being in the world. My readings focus on helping you to make upward shifts in your energy so that you can manifest more of what you need and want in your life.  My goal in each reading is to connect spiritually with you, validate where you are, and show you how to be more in your body and aware that you are a spirit who expresses through the body.

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