Psychic Awakenings History

Psychic Awakenings has guided hundreds of people along their spiritual paths through readings, healings, workshops and classes.  Madeline Hartman offered the first Psychic Tools 101 class in April, 2006. Seven students showed up. They continued on through Psychic Tools 102, Healing Hands 1 and Healing Hands 2.  Then more class series were started about every six weeks.  The first Clairvoyant Awareness Program (CAP) started in September 2008 (we have now teaching our tenth CAP class!).  Twice-monthly Reading and Healing Clinics were started on Monday evenings in September of 2009.  These were so popular that the meetings times were soon increased to weekly, and workshops were added to the Monday evening series.

New teachers, already trained psychics, showed up wanting to help create a psychic school.  As more students graduated from the clairvoyant program and wanted to continue their spiritual training, we offered a Spiritual Teachers Program, and the teaching team grew.  A huge thirst for spiritual information exists, and we are grateful to be able to help so many people create more joy and prosperity in their lives.

Psychic Awakenings Philosophy

You are a spirit inhabiting a body.  You have the spiritual gifts of clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear feeling (clairsentience), clear hearing (clairaudience) and clear knowing.  It is your birthright to use your gifts to heal yourself, create a prosperous reality and then to share your gifts and your wealth with others.

There is spirit, there is love, and EVERYTHING is energy.  You can discover how you have been unconsciously working with energy to create your reality.  You can learn how to work with energy to create change within and without.  There are many lessons along the way; some are more difficult than others.  But it is the difficulties themselves that give you the motivation to change.  It’s the deeper insecurities and hidden emotions that need healing.  No one makes any changes when life is too comfortable!

“My tarot card reading with Madeline was very accurate and meaningful — it truly changed my life! The reading helped me to see that I had buried some grief that was shutting down my life and hurting my heart. After working with the grief, a heart condition which I had developed cleared up! I am eternally grateful.”

Nancy Kahn, ,

Hypnotherapist, Astrology For Living

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