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Psychic Awakening offers psychic readings, workshops, and classes.

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Everyone has psychic and intuitive abilities at some level. It’s just a matter of awakening them.

That’s what we do at Psychic Awakenings.

  • What if you could awaken your psychic abilities?
  • What if you could accelerate your personal growth?
  • What if you had clarity around your soul's purpose and life path?
  • What if you knew how to use your intuition to make valuable decisions?

Over 14 years of psychic readings, healings, workshops and classes.

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Madeline Hartman doing a demonstration during Psychic Tools class

You Are Already Psychic

Psychic Awakenings is a school that guides individuals on a path of spiritual growth and development through psychic readings, workshops, and classes.

This is a safe space for sensitive people to explore and develop their psychic abilities. Being psychic is trusting your inherent ability to sense, see, and know. YOU already are psychic.

Now’s your chance to bring your psychic gifts to the surface and learn how to use them in your everyday life.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is looking for a structured program to help them discover, refine or more deeply explore their intuitive and psychic gifts.
  • Anyone who is looking for support and a safe place to discuss and share experiences.
  • Those who are interested in personal development and want to learn more about themselves and the Universe.
  • Individuals who want to become their own psychic and create a connection with their soul.

Madeline has created a unique place for anyone seeking to develop their spiritual/intuitive skills. Her approach is original, upbeat, and effective. She never falls into the "I know better" guru trap, allowing her students a great deal of individual expression, and is very patient with a wide variety of learning styles. Everything there is hands-on and very experiential. Whatever you thought psychic development was about, throw out the book. Madeline makes the process of spiritual unfolding as simple as breathing and just as accessible.

Ken S.

This institution has changed my life entirely in a positive way. I was riddled with constant anxiety and paranoia which has caused chronic insomnia and disrupted my overall quality of life. Madeline and Sarah are extremely gifted teachers and I am forever indebted. They pinpointed the challenges in my life and how to solve them. My whole perspective about the world has changed and now I can manifest what I want in life. This is worth more than years and years of therapy.

Vincent D.

After being a part of the school for almost a year now, I can say I truly feel validated and seen for who I am. The staff at the school are incredibly compassionate and understanding. I have seen a significant reduction in my life long anxiety and feel more comfortable in my skin in general. At Psychic Awakenings, we learn to love, trust and value not only ourselves but one another. Magic happens here. The space is truly a safe haven for sensitive souls! I would absolutely recommend Psychic Awakenings to anyone who is looking for a deeper connection to oneself, others, and spirit alike. 

Rebecca Bruck

This is a great space to practice, explore and grow with others. I have reinvigorated my ongoing personal development practices with techniques that I learned here. In my group experiences here, I've discovered gifts I was unaware of before, and also 'stayed the course' with difficult ongoing personal challenges. And I've had the delightful pleasure of witnessing others blossom in their development. This is truly a joyful gift that I feel very fortunate to have experienced. Thank you Psychic Awakenings.


I have taken a number of courses at Psychic Awakenings over the years. Madeline described at the beginning how learning to use one's psychic ability is like exercising a muscle. I completely agree! I have found that it is like focusing awareness on a quiet skill that is already in me, at my disposal. I sometimes refer to it as my "meditation training," and say that the favorite form of meditation I have learned was at Psychic Awakenings because that has been my experience and the benefits, as well.


PA has given me the tools needed to create the healthy life I've been seeking; physically, mentally, and spiritually...all in a very caring community of like-minded individuals.  It's been a wonderful experience and opportunity to grow with others and attend classes while practicing crucial life skills that have helped me become more aware and certain of my direction in life. On an energetic level, I have loved working with Madeline. She is a true beacon of light and a supportive and knowledgeable mentor.


Prior to attending classes at Psychic Awakenings, I had no real direction on how to use my intuition or where I was going on my spiritual path. I struggled with a lot of depression and anxiety trying to fit into this world. The classes here have given me the structure and confidence that I needed to move forward. I'm a lot more aware of my own energy and how to manage it in a way that benefits me and gets me out of that "stuck" feeling.


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