Parking Information

As more and more mega-apartment buildings are being built in and near the lower Queen Anne neighborhood, finding parking is becoming more challenging.  Here is a list of useful parking apps and Metro Bus information.  Classes and events usually last two hours so it may be best to arrange for at least three hours of parking.

1 Has a map that allows you to click on a parking lot for info. Shows the walking distance and prices of each lot. Allows you to prepay and reserve a spot.
2 “Find cheap parking.”   Enter “Seattle Center,” date and time (for evening classes: 6:30 to 9:30 pm). Allows you to prepay and reserve a spot.
3 Enter “Seattle Center,” date and hours to prepay and reserve.
4 All of the official parking lots that the Seattle Center owns.  Fairly inexpensive, except during events ($20 -$30).
5 There are several Diamond parking lots that have reasonable prices.
6 Several Seattle neighborhoods have switched from meter parking to Pay-By-Phone parking.
7 Several Metro buses serve our neighborhood.
Madeline Hartman with a group of Psychic Awakenings