Readings and Healings

Madeline Hartman spiritual healing with client

Spiritual Guidance

Enjoy a variety of psychic readings and spiritual healings from teachers to further your spiritual growth and enlightenment. We already have the answers we need within us. Sometimes we just need help to hear it.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are on a spiritual path. If you are seeking to transform yourself to becoming your highest potential, a reading and healing will help you to more clearly see where you are now, and your options for moving forward in your life. Let us help you to raise your vibration and attract more of what you want and need.

How to Schedule a Reading

Readings are now done in-person, but Zoom is still an option also.

Readings are done by appointment only. You can book a reading up to two months in advance.

Professional readings with Madeline Hartman are available at various times Monday through Thursday. If none of the times offered on the Registration page work for you, call Madeline at 206-818-5985.

Professional readings with Sarah Lovett are available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. For more information, call Sarah at 206-427-7450.

headshots Madeline Hartman and Sarah Lovett

Psychic Readings and Spiritual Healings With Madeline Hartman

Psychic Readings and Spiritual Healings With Madeline

My sessions with you are part reading, part healing and part teaching. I can read your energy to see where you are now. Are you in control of your own life? Or are there areas of your life that you’ve been allowing others to control? With a healing, I can help you to release the foreign energies that hinder you. I can teach you some effective psychic tools for that you can continue to use for self-healing.

  • Spiritual Readings cost $150 and last between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • You can record it on your device, or I can record it and email it to you.

Tarot Card Readings
With Madeline

Tarot Cards allow us to look from a different perspective at the energies that may be influencing you. The seventy-eight cards often reveal fascinating clues about your beliefs, your inner processes, and your imagination.

  • Tarot Card Readings are $90 for 30 minutes.
  • Tarot Cards can be either a private session or add fun to your next party.

Tarot Card
Readings with
Madeline Hartman

Psychic Reading and
Energy Healing Session with Sarah Lovett

Psychic Reading and Energy Healing Session With Sarah

Your energy is unique & amazing. As a psychic, and clairvoyant channel I connect with divine love and light to communicate with your infinite being. This creates a healing and cleansing space where energetic blocks and patterns can be released. An aura reading may enhance clarity, increase emotional balance, and clarify your gifts, so that you can live a more aligned, purposeful life.

My vision is to assist you to clarify the energy pictures that create challenges, and help you to move through them. The pictures, patterns, and programming you hold in your aura create your life. They all hold energy. As you release outgrown patterns, you get your energy back to create and change more easily.

An aura reading will clarify how you use your energy, your natural gifts, as well as where you are blocked and how to release the stuck energy that may keep you from living well.

I look forward to working with you as spirit.

Please contact me with any questions, 206-427-7450.

  • Aura and Healing Sessions cost $180 and last 60 minutes.

If you are looking for a psychic to go to, both Madeline and Sarah are incredible readers and healers. Everything they've ever told me has been accurate and/or come true within about a year's time. I trust them completely!

Erin W.

I truly enjoyed my reading with Madeline, it was a very insightful and enlightening experience for me. I've never done a reading before so I went in with a bit of skepticism, but nevertheless, her readings about my family and childhood were accurate, even though I hadn't shared any of these details with her. She also provided the proper guidance I needed to face the current and many obstacles in my life. She was also extremely patient with me in answering all the questions I had. She even stayed past the appointment time to help clarify the things I was uncertain and confused about, and oh boy did I ask a lot of questions! 

Amber E.

For a long time, I have had issues with my right shoulder and lower back. Trying to find help for it was very difficult as nothing really worked. I stumbled upon Madeline’s healing services and started to have less pain. Interestingly, I also experienced some kind of spiritual boost that was different from other religious or spiritual practices. My mood was better. I started to enjoy life and experience a deeper level of spiritual development. I came in for help with my body but I gained so much more. Thank you, Madeline 🙂


I have periodically had readings from Madeline and they have always been immensely helpful in identifying what is holding me back at the time. This last time I wasn't too sure about a Zoom reading, but it was just as effective as past in-person readings. She is always able to help me identify and move through fears that keep me stuck. I was wanting out of a job I was working that left me exhausted and unsatisfied but was feeling guilty about leaving it. I had a reading first from Madeline and then a little while later from one of her students and both readings clarified where and why I was stuck. The readings also help me realize my strengths and who I really am. 

Helen M.

I have had several sessions of Quantum Touch healing from Madeline. My hip had been really bothering me and I mentioned it to Madeline along with other stress issues, much to my surprise my hip improved and I've been pain-free for over a year. I also felt the quiet energy work gave me a chance to check in with myself on deeper levels, more than I usually make time for, and always left the sessions more peaceful and relaxed.   

Kitty W.

When I reached out to Madeline, I was feeling unsettled and anxious. I had been unable to sleep well and had a vague but persistent sensation that something was “not right”. Madeline and I worked over the phone for our reading/healing session. Through her intuitive questioning and gentle encouragement, I was able to be guided through body scan and relaxation process and almost immediately felt a shift in my energy. By the time we ended our call I felt more mentally clear and less physically exhausted than I had for months. That night I slept well, and the next morning I was able to methodically tackle my to-do list without dread or anxiety. Since our session, I have been able to notice when I feel anxious and then connect into relaxation and grounding to get myself back on track.  

Leslie H.