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Madeline Hartman


Psychic Awakenings is my way of healing the planet, one psychic student at a time. I love helping more people rediscover their own spiritual abilities and the purpose of their own lives.

I did not have any strange visions or mystical experiences as a child. My spiritual awakening was a gradual process.

I’ve always been interested in understanding people, so I majored in Psychology at the University of California Berkeley. However, I really found my answers to truly understanding human nature through the classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI). That’s where my Spiritual awareness was awakened. The psychic tools I learned there changed my life. I learned how to communicate with people in deep and profound ways. I knew that I had discovered the meaning of my life.

It was as a clairvoyant student that I decided that teaching people how to wake up to their own psychic and intuitive skills was my life’s ambition. I knew that I was meant to share this information with other people. I was just 22 years old. Even though it would be another twenty-eight(!) years before I opened up my own psychic school, I never lost sight of my dream.


Sarah Lovett


In 1991 I experienced a spontaneous awakening and subsequently a breakdown. This awakening was a brilliant opening to psychic gifts however the resulting experience was overwhelming. I had prophetic dreams of flooding disasters and steep beaches with 30-foot waves. This was a calling with the opportunity to dive deeply into intuitive training and healing.

The years following were both challenging and wonderful. I was undone in a way and had to learn to be focused and whole again. I had just come to a point where I felt I knew myself, but this awakening experience required that I relearn everything from a newly opened place.

I am a psychic, with clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient capability. In 2016 I completed the Psychic Awakenings Clairvoyant Awareness Program. I currently teach the foundation courses that helped me integrate all I had learned with my psychic ability.


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Ulla Johnson


We all have intuitive and spiritual abilities. I enjoy conversing with students and introducing techniques to facilitate reconnection with their intuitive abilities.

My journey as a teacher has been deeply influenced by my personal healing experiences which included trauma and illness. In my early twenties, I had the fortune of meeting some wonderful counselors, teachers and a psychic healer who had studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Inspired by this encounter, I pursued classes at affiliated institutes in Ballard, Everett and in Queen Anne at Psychic Awakenings. In 2021, I completed their Clairvoyant Awareness Program and in 2022, their Spiritual Teacher's Program. These transformative techniques have had a profound impact on my life - They are powerful and life changing.

I do not believe that being psychic is exclusive to a select few. We all have intuitive abilities that are inherent within us waiting to be developed and embraced as our birthright. Developing our intuition is akin to tuning into a radio frequency, moving past the static and connecting with our unique intuitive frequency. We all possess distinct intuitive strengths, and it is joyful to empower others to explore and experience these inherent gifts.


At Psychic Awakenings, you will be surrounded by a group of supportive, like-minded individuals, and Madeline and Sarah will assist you on your spiritual path. They took me under their wing at a difficult time in my life and I don't know where I would be now if it hadn't been for their caring and compassion. Don't wait. Do this for yourself. You deserve the best!


The community of all the spiritual beings that are in the psychic tools class 101 helped me understand that I’m not alone and that we all go through our own process of a spiritual awakening.  Sarah is a great teacher, her voice is so calm and soothing that when you go into meditation you can really go in deep with her as your guide and journey easier. Her knowledge has helped me tremendously so far, I'm excited to continue taking her classes.



It is such a joy to work with Madeline - I find her funny, comfortable, validating, ease-full and wise. I enjoy her interactive, experiential, accepting leading/teaching style. She attracts a very spiritually-capable, loving and down-to-earth community of individuals, each on our own unique spiritual path. I am blessed to play with Psychic Awakenings!

Wendy R W.

Whenever I am in Seattle, I visit. Madeline has created a very amazing school and center. She is a compassionate and caring teacher and her amusement moves everything she does with Grace. I had my first readings and teachings from her in the 80's in California. She has decades of experience and is a gifted psychic. Her dedication to her craft and the creation of her school is brilliant.

Sharon Lee K.