Psychic Readings are Much Deeper than Just Being Accurate

At Psychic Awakenings, readings are about communicating spiritually with other people.  Being “accurate” and trying to “prove” that psychic phenomena exist is irrelevant in our view.  Being psychic is not about coming up with your brother’s middle name, or what color your bedroom is painted (though details like this often do come up in a reading).  It’s about looking at why you are here, what are you doing with your life and how you are evolving.  The value of what I teach is in the personal, emotional and spiritual growth that one goes through in order to learn how to heal oneself and other people.

You may not consider yourself very spiritual, but if you have ever sensed energy, seen auras and had telepathic experiences, then you have had spiritual experiences.  Very often your rational mind gets in the way of you trusting your own experiences.  I teach my students how to trust their experiences and intuition, and that’s how they learn how to read other people. Having had these experiences mean that even YOU would be able to learn how to read other people.  That would certainly prove it for you!

It’s your rational mind that is seeking proof of psychic phenomena.  But what is really happening on a deeper level is that you, as a spirit, are seeking validation that YOU are real, that you exist spiritually.  When the mind is the master of how you perceive the outside world, then the Spirit is filtered through the mind’s beliefs of what is real.  You mind is trying to rationalize Spirit, which can never be understood, nor measured, by the intellect.  It can only be something you feel. In a reading, the readers “feel” or “see” or “hear” what is true for the person being read. The students are learning how to take these feelings and images and talk about them in a way that can be understood by the client.

It is always good to take things with a grain of salt, or to take a moment to check in with yourself to see if what is being said resonates as feeling true for you. Think back to a time when you were feeling that something was absolutely true, or you were feeling that someone was absolutely lying to you. These feelings are felt in the heart and in your gut. Never in the mind. The mind is like a computer, it can only be programmed how to think. It doesn’t feel. The brain is not where feelings originate.

Every single one of my clairvoyant students has strong, undeniable skills for reading.  Their abilities cannot be measured, nor “proven.” Please consider having a one-hour aura reading from the students.  These readings are offered on Tuesday evenings over Zoom (for now) and cost just $35.  You will have two or three readers reading you at the same time.  Each of the readers has their own unique perceptions, so you will receive quite a lot of information.  We are not here to convinced anyone of anything, and it’s okay to be skeptical. But don’t let the skepticism get in the way of noticing how much of what they say resonates on a deeper level with you.