Humans and Their Pets Are Healing Together

This post was contributed by Alison Picher. She is an Animal Communicator who will be presenting two workshops, a Woodland Park Zoo field trip, and a Pet Healing Clinic at Psychic Awakenings the second weekend in July. More information at

I did a psychic reading and healing for Caroline who is a professional psychic and living a very spiritual lifetime.

We touched on some energy about how in several past lives Caroline had been more spiritually advanced than the community around her. Her spiritual independence was threatening to her neighbors’ primitive religions and cultural rules. She was killed or kicked out. In this current lifetime, whenever Caroline tried to advance as a spiritual person those fearful past life memories would restrict her.

As we began to heal that energy out of her space, Caroline’s cat Dexter became desperate to get in the room with her, on her lap and part of the healing. He saw she was finally releasing the exact energy he was in her life to heal.

He said to me, “It’s been so challenging all these years. Now she’s releasing it so easily!”

Caroline’s energy field was expanding as she released many lifetimes of judgment and fear. Dexter began to match her healing, releasing his own layers of unwanted energy. But his challenge was the opposite: in this lifetime he is a feral cat (see photo!) living in a community of humans and other domesticated animals. His wildness is out of place in the life of an indoor family pet.

Judgment for being different than their community was the energy that he and his human had in common. Dexter is exactly the cat Caroline needs to heal in this lifetime.

Both human and animal received a tremendous healing together. Caroline reported feeling much lighter and spacious, and Dexter feel asleep on the carpet with a content smile on his whiskered face.