Aura Readings

In an Aura Reading, we look at the energy in the first seven layers of your aura. Each layer corresponds with a different area of your life. The second half of the reading is to answer your questions and do some energy healing work. Our readings are different from other readings because instead of “predicting” the future, we teach you how you can have more awareness to create the future you desire.

Professional Staff Aura Readings

Professional sessions are available with Madeline last approximately 50 to 60 minutes and cost $150. Reading times are available Mondays through Fridays during normal working hours. Some Saturday time slots are also available.

Relationship Readings

Relationship readings can be done for two family members, two people in a romantic relationship (or perhaps what once was a romantic relationship), or even two people who are just good friends. Come receive some information about your why some aspects of your relationship work well, and other aspects are challenging. You can rediscover your past-lives together and receive information about your karma agreements for this life-time.  A sliding scale is offered for these readings: $150-$170 when two people come in together; and $100-$130 when one person comes in.

Professional Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Cards allow us to look from a different perspective at the energies that may be influencing you. The seventy-eight cards often reveal fascinating clues about your beliefs, your inner processes, and your imagination. Tarot Cards can be either a private session or add fun to your next party. Tarot readings cost $75 and last 30 minutes.

Student Aura Readings

Having an aura reading from the students who are currently in the Clairvoyant Awareness Program can be a “sixth-eye” opening experience. There may be two or three student readers under the supervision of a teacher. You will receive specific, valuable information regarding your life, your feelings, and your own clairvoyant abilities. Student readings last about 60 minutes and cost $30.

Taking the Psychic Tools classes may have saved my family from serious injury. After spending a nice summer’s day exploring Orcas Island, it was time to catch the last ferry back.  I had a vivid vision of the road covered in blood and a strong feeling I should slow down. A mile up the road we ran into several deer crossing the road on a blind turn. Because I was driving slower and with a heightened sense of caution I avoided a collision. This is one of the more dramatic examples of how access to one’s psychic abilities can serve you well in your daily life.

Ken S.

Psychic Readings Schedule

All readings are by appointment.

One-hour readings from the Clairvoyant Students are on hiatus until January.   When these readings are in session, you can book a reading up to two months in advance. Go to the  BOOKING CALENDAR,  and click on “Personal Aura Session (CAP Students).”  A calendar will come up, and the first date shown is the next available reading time.  You can scroll through the calendar and pick a day up to two months in advance.

Professional readings with Madeline Hartman are available at various times Monday through Thursday.
To schedule an appointment online, go to the BOOKING CALENDAR, and scroll down.  If none of the offered times work for you,  call Madeline at 206-818-5985.

Professional readings with Sarah Lovett are available on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays.
To schedule an appointment online, go to the BOOKING CALENDAR, and scroll down.  Or for more information,  call Sarah at 206-427-7450.

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