ALL readings can now be accessed live over the internet.

How to Schedule a Reading

All readings are by appointment.

You can book a reading up to two months in advance.

Professional readings with Madeline Hartman are available at various times Monday through Thursday. To schedule an appointment online, go to the BOOKING CALENDAR, and scroll down.  If none of the offered times work for you, call Madeline at 206-818-5985.

Professional readings with Sarah Lovett are available on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays. To schedule an appointment online, go to the BOOKING CALENDAR, and scroll down. Or for more information, call Sarah at 206-427-7450.

Psychic Reading and Energy Healing Session with Sarah Lovett

As a psychic and clairvoyant. I love to work with creatives, healers, seekers, and activists.
I use energy healing to cleanse the aura, remove energetic blocks and patterns, enhance clarity, and speed healing. My intention is to assist you to see the truth behind the experience, and own your highest and greatest potential. As I understand the fundamental nature of the energetic world, I offer spiritual connection. During a reading as you hear the information, it creates momentum, integration, and connection for your spiritual growth and healing process. The reading is a wonderful process that shows how you’re using your energy, working with purpose, healing your life.

The pictures you hold in your aura are the visions, the energies that create your life. To change your life, a look at these picture clarifies where you hold old energy patterns, and how to release them. As you release the outgrown patterns, you get your energy back to create and change more easily.

Fee: Aura and Healing Sessions cost $150 and last 60 minutes.

Professional Spiritual Readings with Madeline Hartman

So you’ve reached a certain level of success in your life, but something still isn’t quite right. Perhaps your job pays a decent salary, but unexpected expenses every month prevent you from saving for retirement. Or perhaps your job is just a job, and you are thinking of a career change. Perhaps you are in a “great” relationship but there’s still too much bickering. Or perhaps you have lots of friends, but no one seems to be available when you need them.

If you seem to be experiencing the same kind of problems again and again, or if you feel that you just are not moving forward in your career, relationships, financial or self-confidence levels, I can help you shift your energy and access the knowledge and awareness you are here to learn in order to fulfill your potential.

Fee: Spiritual Readings cost $150 and last between 45 and 60 minutes. You can record it on your device, or I can record it and email it to you.

The Ultimate Healing Session with Madeline Hartman

Receive an Ultimate Healing that includes spiritually guided energy work, Quantum Touch healing techniques and reflexology. The healing energy will be focused on grounding, clearing and realigning your subtle energy bodies and your chakras. It can also be focused on physical body issues which may accelerate physical healing.

I combine my years of experience as a psychic reader, energy healer and spiritual teacher. My job is to facilitate you on your path through life to overcome obstacles and create a more healthful, joy-filled life. I can teach you tools and techniques that work to help you better deal with whatever challenges you are facing.

These Ultimate Healing sessions are done lying fully clothed on a massage table with soft music and aromatherapy.

Fee: Healing Sessions cost $150 and last 60 minutes.

Tarot Card Readings with Madeline Hartman

Tarot Cards allow us to look from a different perspective at the energies that may be influencing you. The seventy-eight cards often reveal fascinating clues about your beliefs, your inner processes, and your imagination. Tarot Cards can be either a private session or add fun to your next party.

Fee: $75 for 30 minutes.

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