Monday Evening Clinics

The Spiritual Healing Clinics, Reading Clinics and Guided Meditation Sessions provide a safe, nurturing environment for opening up your psychic gifts. Come receive a spiritual Hello see what we have to offer. There is always plenty of laughter as we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Women’s Spiritual Healing Clinic

Second Monday of every month, 6:30-8:30 pm
Free (donations accepted)
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Women’s bodies have a very high vibration because creating a new body for a baby requires an incredible amount of energy. Even when a woman is not pregnant, this intense female creative energy needs to be running smoothly for her to stay healthy and be productive. At the Women’s Healing Clinic, the readers will look clairvoyantly to see if your energy is circulating throughout your body. They may teach you simple psychic tools for releasing foreign energy and healing yourself. If you are trying to get pregnant, or already pregnant, these healings can provide spiritual information for taking care of yourself and your baby.

I learned about grounding my body in the Psychic Tools class and use it every day to feel safe. My most amazing experience with grounding is when I use it on airplanes. Every time the plane hits turbulence, I ground the whole plane and the turbulence stops immediately. It works every time! Sherry W.

Spiritual Healing Clinic

Third Monday of every month, 7:00-9:00pm
Free (donations accepted)
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Our drop-in Spiritual Healing Clinic is offered on the third Monday evening of every month (7:00-9:00pm). A Spiritual Healing is an energetic clearing of your aura and chakras. The healers use spiritual guides to help you release everyone else’s opinions, demands and expectations out of your space and then fill you up with your own energy.

Psychic Development Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops regarding such topics as Past-Lives, Tarot and Spirit Guides.
Sometimes on Monday evenings, sometimes on Saturdays.
Attendance Fee $35.00
Register for these workshops at:

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